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Oakley Radar® Eyewear Collection

Perfection in functional quality is a thing of beauty, Oakley designers believe, bringing a new collection of eyewear to the sports community. Its name speaks for itself. The Oakley Radar Eyewear Collection is designed for cyclists and other athletes who struggle with facial sweating. The models shown here break established design patterns in the name of superior comfort in extreme heat and headwinds. The perfection of functional quality is now available to everyone who prefers an active lifestyle and an elegant look under any circumstances. Cyclists benefit from a revolutionary design that expands visibility in all directions, offering thoughtful ventilation and clear, fog-free vision. Radar is an increased safety on the road, regardless of speed and weather conditions.

Oakley Radar Eyewear Collection

The Oakley Radar Eyewear Collection is first and foremost the product of engineering. The curvature of the top and bottom edges is thought out to the smallest detail to provide even more coverage for downward vision. The developed technology also extends the upper field of view. The renowned US brand is proud of its Prizm™ that fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments. In addition, Radar lenses have a concave contour on the bottom edge for a softer cheek contact. The ultra-light yet extremely durable O Matter® frame, combined with Unobtainium® components, ensures maximum comfort with any amount of sweat dripping from the wearer's face. The functional sunglasses from the Oakley Radar Eyewear Collection are made for successful people and guarantee 100% safety on the road.

Oakley Radar Sunglasses

Sleek and practical, the Radar Ev Path OO9208 sunglasses are designed for men who love cycling at the professional level. They are also suitable for motorcyclists, runners and other sportsmen who are interested in safe and comfortable vision. The model has a durable plastic semi-rimmed frame with a rectangular shape, which is the best for road adventures. It is oversized and comes in a range of lens and frame shades to suit the individual style of the discerning client. Radar sunglasses feature no ear hooks, as the shape of the temples with Unobtainium® components ensures excellent grip even with sudden and strong head movements. This patented material comes into contact with perspiring facial skin also on the surface of the nose pads.

Oakley Radar Frames

Unobtainium provides comfortable and secure wear for many hours of training and competition. The lenses of Oakley sunglasses are equipped with reliable UV filters and anti-reflective coating, but this is not the only thing that distinguishes the accessories of the famous USA brand. Mention should be made of the revolutionary Prizm™ technology. First of all, this is ultra-precise color tuning, designed for specific environments. Striking and durable, the OO9442 sunglasses are designed for maximum success in sports and everyday life. Unlike many other brands, Oakley offers its own lenses by controlling the manufacturing process at the molecular level. The absence of glue and adhesive allows the athlete to see much better, faster and deeper.

Radar Ev Pitch OO9211 is another brilliant offering for athletes. This model is equally suitable for men and women who need safe and efficient vision on the road. Success in sports, business and politics is impossible without comfortable and stylish accessories, according to Oakley designers. The famous American manufacturer creates quality eyeglasses and sunglasses for successful people who know the value of comfort. The Oakley Radar Eyewear Collection is for winners. The brand portfolio has a wide variety of shapes, shades and designs for every taste. In each model, lenses and frames are made for each other, ensuring maximum performance. Life is a course of obstacles and one must be well-prepared to overcome them.