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Oakley The Kokoro Eyewear Collection

The Oakley brand was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard and now this company is considered one of the most recognizable manufacturers of stunning clothing, comfortable sports equipment, and luxurious eyewear. The legendary corporation produces frames with meticulous attention to every detail by sticking to the newest techniques and latest trends. Oakley has a lot to offer to contemporary and fashion-forward people - when buying from this brand, you receive 100% original, authentic, and unique frames that highlight your facial features and flawless style. They are suitable for various occasions, including daily wear and special events. You can find spectacles that you can use for sports activities to keep your vision sharpened as well as frames that will serve as a voguish accessory suitable for a gorgeous outfit.

Oakley The Kokoro Eyewear Collection

Meet the new Oakley's collection named The Kokoro! It is a selection of bold spectacles inspired by the works of the artist Meguru Yamaguchi. His fluid brushstrokes and vivid tones are associated with freedom, joy, and diversity. These are the principles that the whole collection of glasses is based on - if you think you strive for boldness and liberty, those models will become your perfect choice and a way to express yourself. Although, Oakley decided to offer you both vibrant frames and neutral-colored ones. The brand cherishes its customers and wants to satisfy everyone's needs and desires as the manufacturers understand that all people are different and the preferences cannot be the same. So, this collection offers a great variety of glasses that come in universal shapes and feature numerous palettes to choose from.

Oakley The Kokoro Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

This luxurious OO9102 model is presented in 96 color combinations! Can you imagine it? Vibrant orange lenses, blue glasses, Yamaguchi-inspired frames, neutral tones, dark-tinted spectacles - all of this is offered by the Kokoro collection of frames! Pick out the one that catches your eye and suits your personality. As we know, it is vital to pay attention to the material that the sunnies are made from. If you are in search of those crafted from first-class plastic, you can try out the full-rimmed OO9013 model that features sturdiness and a high level of glare resistance. These Square-shaped sunglasses will become an essential part of any man's wardrobe that brings quality, an expensive look, and maximum comfort. Available in multiple color combinations, you can go for one that suits you most.

Oakley The Kokoro Frames

What about these cool OO9406A sunnies that cover not just the eyes but a large adjacent skin area? This feature helps to double the protection from ultraviolet radiation and sunburn. Besides, this Rectangle model adds a note of uniqueness and serves as a wonderful way to come up with creative outfits. Plus, if you choose a bright color of the frames or gradient lenses, you will receive an outstanding look for sure! There are even more creative sunglasses that you will love - the model named OO9401 also comes in a Rectangle shape but features unique geometric lines that highlight your facial features and balance them out. They are best for sports activities - combine them with a nice ski suit and get ready to feel like you are on top of the world.

Oakley OO9188 sunglasses are a take on the classic shapes - this model is designed for inventive and artistic men who want to add a note of boldness to their looks. Infused with diverse color combinations and design elements, the Kokoro collection of frames from Oakley guarantees that a wearer receives a fashionable look, maximum comfort, and lifelong service. The lenses of all glasses filter 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays and help to see better in bright light. These sunnies are the perfect complement to any sporty or casual outfit. Go ahead and take a look at the whole line of Oakley frames on EyeOns that are made from high-quality materials according to the time-tested techniques. The designers' imagination never fails to amaze us - go and see for yourself.