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Butterfly Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Ralph Lauren™ - RA7120

$73.26 - $73.76

It is no secret that originally people invented eyeglasses so that they could serve a clear practical purpose which is to help people sharpen their sight and see better. Besides dealing with vision impairment, they also deal with such problems as UV radiation and inflammations. Let us give you some detail on that. Some people believe that sunglasses are the ones that protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation which is true but not entirely. The lenses of both sunglasses and eyeglasses cope with such a task. Although, we use sunnies mostly outside when we interact with the sun rays directly while eyeglasses are frequently used by people who work from home and use their laptops a lot. Computers are another huge source of ultraviolet radiation, and in this case, optical frames serve as a reliable barrier.

Besides, have you ever heard that those rays can lead to recurring headaches or even constant migraines? The gadgets' screens cause a lot of pressure on the eyes, and then it spreads right to the head. In turn, glasses help to keep this radiation away and protect your health along with your well-being. As we can see, eyeglasses cope with many important practical purposes but what makes them so special and desirable? This is due to the variety of available models on the market. Today, modern designers and fashion brands do their best to come up with not just useful but also stylish accessories. Once you go through an assortment of available spectacles, you will be left speechless. What concerns shapes, you can opt for the most diverse glasses, starting from retro-inspired Cat-eyes and all-purpose Ovals to daring Wraps and creative Hearts.

Although, there is probably one of the most eye-catching models on the market that cannot leave you indifferent. We are talking about amazingly stylish Butterfly eyeglasses that are suitable for people from all walks of life and of all ages. No matter if you are an elegant man who's in search of a way to express your masculine energy or a fashion-forward woman who wants to create voguish looks, this shape will become a perfect decision. Butterfly eyeglasses are designed for people with a keen fashion sense who want to add a stylish accessory to their gorgeous looks. This playful and sophisticated shape suits almost all face types, but these glasses are especially stunning when worn by people with oval-shaped faces. Whether you prefer elegant or more daring colors, there is a wide variety of impressive tones to choose from.

As we have said, nowadays, eyewear is much more than just a means of vision improvement and UV protection. When you are choosing a pair of optical frames, you should consider many aspects in order for the spectacles to tie your outfit together. Besides shapes and hues, you should also pay attention to the materials that eyeglasses are made from. If your main goal is to get something vibrant and play with colors, it is best to focus on acetate. This is a premium quality material that allows manufacturers to come up with different tones and textures. Besides, acetate is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. If your main request for the spectacle is to be super-strong, flexible, and corrosion-resistant, please, go for titanium or metal glasses. Looking for the perfect way to reduce the biggest amount of glare possible? Then you do not have to walk past plastic frames. 

Another feature you have to consider is the frame type. There are three of them, including full-rim, rimless, and semi-rimless glasses. If you choose full-rim models, it means that the lenses are completely surrounded by a metal or any other frame. This type is probably the strongest one in terms of durability so far. Rimless glasses have no frame whatsoever while semi-rimless feature a simple one. If you want your spectacles to serve you as long as possible, it may be a great choice to focus on full-rim frames after all. Although, which one is best is for you to decide. You have to consider everything, including an expert's advice, your fashion-related preferences, and all requirements you may have. Only after that, you can go and start opting for the right spectacle to satisfy all of your needs.

The best thing is that at our online store, we offer you to make use of a convenient filtering feature. With its help, it is extremely easy to sort out the needed models by their sizes, colors, materials, frame types, gender, and brands. Of course, we are doing our best to provide you with the most diverse assortment of luxurious eyeglasses but when you have your preferences, wouldn't it be great to cut out redundant models? This way, you can make visible only the possibly suitable pairs of eyeglasses. We want every customer to easily use our website and enjoy the interface by making the selection process much easier. After you have picked out your ideal model, you can wait for a package with Butterfly glasses inside. We offer only 100% original and authentic goods that are delivered to you safely.

Whether you are required to wear prescription frames or want to refresh your wardrobe with a voguish add-on, our online store can offer a huge assortment of interesting models to choose from. Do you want to find an exciting spectacle to make a fashion statement? There's a great selection of Butterfly eyeglasses which can be combined with a great variety of styles and are suitable for any situation. In our store, you can find a wonderful plethora of durable and stunning eyeglasses from the famous world's top designer names, including Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, Levi's, Ralph Laurent, Juicy Couture, Giorgio Armani, and many others. Discover our excellent catalog of Butterfly optical frames to get a perfect spectacle to satisfy your needs!