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Cat-eye Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Marc Jacobs™ - MARC 479

$94.59 - $106.05

Marciano™ - GM0244

$133.85 - $144.32

Marciano™ - GM0255

$111.51 - $115.16

Marcolin™ - MA5024

$77.00 - $149.46

The history of the creation of Cat-eye shaped glasses is really interesting and exciting. This shape of glasses was made in the 1930s. Since then, the design of Cat-eye shape does not stand still, but changes and improves every ten years. In the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn wore Cat-eye glasses and made an incredible impression. After that this eyewear became a trend and we saw it on different celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Marilyn Monroe, and a lot of others. Today trendsetters and celebrities Heidi Klum, Milla Jovovich, Henry Cavill, Kate Upton, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds,Cinde Crawford,Tom Hiddleston, Claudia Schiffer, and Oscar Isaac are in love with such a shape, and they use it every day on a daily basis.

The historical fact is that one day in the 1930s the creator of Cat-eye glasses Altina Schinasi noticed the lack of fashionable and modish women’s eyewear in absolutely all stores and boutiques. Because of this, she wanted to make her own uncommon eyewear. Stunning and gorgeous Venice masks occurred to her and she was inspired by them. As follows, Altina created glasses with exaggeration framing near eyebrows. A lot of opticians refused her idea however, she did not give up and finally found one eyewear boutique in New York City that approved her design. Cat-eye glasses overcame such a difficult path to be mega popular now and become an integral part of the wardrobe of every woman and man who is keen on fashion.

In the 1940s popular Cat-eye frames were better known under the name “Harlequin.” The main difference with the previous version was a thick frame, a rectangle lens, with small details at the corners such as little gold stars and a slight uplift at the sides. Marilyn Monroe likes to wear such iconic glasses and as we can notice such an accessory made a noticeable impact on her style and image. Princess Diana was also a fan of these Cat-eye glasses. She had both sophisticated shades of this eyewear and multi-colored at the same time. In her outfits, you can also notice glasses that had a combination of colors that looked stylish and modish. It is not surprising that this Cat-eye shape of glasses has so many fans because it will be suitable for every face shape.

Inspired by Browline shape Cat-eye glasses are characterized by an upswept almond-shaped silhouette that resembles the feline look. Exactly this flirty shape that repeats the outlines of a cat's eye is the particular feature of Cat-eye glasses. This timeless frame was firstly designed for women to emphasize their coquetry, grace, and catlike independent nature. There are myriad variations of this fashion accessory - from elongated narrow shapes to more round and wide; having all possible embellishments or without them. Cat-eyes are a unique accessory that looks elegant and bright and wearable for many types of faces. It suits all types and styles of clothes, though you'd better go slow to wear them with classic evening gowns or sporty apparel.

Without a doubt, nowadays eyeglasses play a considerable part in lifestyle accessories. If earlier they were used only for vision improvement and reading newspapers, magazines, and books, today they are an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every person. Eyeglasses are worn as often as other accessories, because without them your outfit may seem incomplete or imperfect. A lot of shapes of glasses exist now but it is unquestionable that Cat-eye eyeglasses are the most unique and stylish. Presently many variants of a fashionable Cat-eye frame are made for men as well. Coping with their main improvement function perfectly they also look great with all types of clothes. You can add an elegant touch to your outfit with such an accessory.

The main goal of every pair of sunglasses is 100% eye protection and to reduce the harmful impact of ultraviolet radiation. Although it's not the only reason why it's a worthy thing to do - summer eyewear is also an excellent type of accessory that upgrades your look to a new level. Like this Cat-eye sunglasses always guarantee a stunning outfit that can look both contemporary and elegant. Such a frame is able to stand out your fashionable look from the crowd and draw all the attention to you. If you want to always stay in the spotlight you definitely should pay attention to those stylish sunnies. Cat-eye sunglasses are available in a number of sizes that will guarantee you a perfect fit. Also, this eyewear is made from top-rated and high-quality materials.

Nowadays the development and improvement of Cat-eye glasses did not stop. This eyewear was popular many years ago and is still a trend today for each modern person. World-known fashion houses and highly-respected brands are working to expand their production and create new, fresh and unique styles of eyewear. For example, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, Prada, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs, and a lot of others are trying to create their inimitable, unique, and unrepeatable designs of Cat-eye glasses. Go through our wide assortment of sunglasses of this shape and refresh your wardrobe with such a fashionable and stylish accessory. Please be welcome and enjoy!