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Narrow Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 53


The right frame choice will optimally accentuate the most favorable features of your appearance and even mask some flaws grabbing the attention from them away.

Yet the range of frames selection is so vast and many of them look pretty awesome, good sense must always prevail to avoid mistakes and disappointment.

First of all focus on the shape of you face and its proportions and choose the right frame style suggested to your face. Well-fitted glasses can balance lower and upper parts of your face if they have some proportional peculiarities. Pay special attention to the thickness of the frame. Surely you can experiment with all kinds of frames shapes and styles, but you should decide whether you want to soften your individual face features or to make them prominent, to add some boldness to your look or alternatively make it more exquisite and elegant. Each of such images and many others can be created with Narrow shape glasses.

This type of frames features a narrower lens diameter and narrower frame width relatively to typical glasses. Don't be shy to highlight your individuality and select the perfect small-fit frame among narrow models of eyeglasses!