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Narrow Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Ralph Lauren™ - RL5089

$108.11 - $198.00

Ray-Ban™ - RX5246

$143.00 - $154.00

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1035S

$382.50 - $405.00

Vogue™ - VO5081


$48.67 - $79.95

One day unexpectedly narrow sunglasses, also called microshades or teeny-tiny became the trade. To be more correct they became a trade again, like it was in the good old nineties and even in the sixties of the last century when they were popularized by The Beatles. These sunglasses are really small and narrow, so small that they cover the minimal area near your eyes. Why wear these microscopic things barely shielding eyes from the sun? Because they are exciting and make you look unordinary and cool. There is a boundless vastness for experiments with these slim designed frames. You can select an impressive triangle Matrix-styled frame, or the slimmest cat-eye glasses, which make you feel like a cat more than ever. 

Various geometrical lenses of all impossible forms and shades, including honey, slightly oval or with an angular touch, peculiar and almost futuristic, vintage circle or rectangular frames - the choice is endless. If you're a deep introvert, who prefers oversized or dark tinted sunglasses to be out of sight, always being in a special place inside of you - think twice before buying tiny sunglasses. But for those bold natures, willing to push style to the limits, tired of traditionally sized sunglasses, whose main idea is to be in public and to impress, they are super cool. Narrow glasses won't completely protect you from the sun, but they certainly keep you in style.

Nowadays, extraordinary and eye-catching, narrow shades are quite popular among young and bold men and women who want to express their individual character and complete their fashionable outfits with stylish and unusual accessories to stand out from the crowd. Many celebrities and public people wear sunnies of this impressive shape to look cool and trendy, wherever they go. You can also choose from a wide variety of high-quality frames in our online store, where we offer a wonderful assortment of colors, styles, finishes, and sizes to match any taste and personal needs. If you want to create an unforgettable impression, then narrow sunnies are the best accessories to select to combine with any kind of clothes, from casual to business looks. These versatile and unique spectacles are perfect for any occasion, whether you go to your best friend's wedding or make an exciting trip to the sea in your car. Add a touch of impeccable taste and stunning appearance to your outfit with ultra-stylish and super-comfortable narrow sunglasses manufactured by the leading eyewear companies!

Narrow sunglasses for men are usually selected by those people who like extraordinary details and unique accessories for an incredible look. These shades can be combined with casual outfits as well as elegant wardrobes perfectly, creating a wonderful appearance. Without doubts, you will be noticed by others wearing impressive and lightweight sunglasses that match your style excellently, emphasizing your uniqueness and coolness. If your goal is all eyes on you, narrow shades will be a perfect decision to wear in any situation. Combine narrow frames with jeans and a T-shirt for a cool look for every day, or wear these glasses with something more elegant to make a wonderful outfit for a romantic evening. The choice is yours, and if you prefer unusual and extravagant shades, then narrow sunglasses are a must-have for your wardrobe. Creative and stylish, these frames will not only for a fashionable look but also for a UV protection for your eyes to cover them from harmful sun rays. 

Many contemporary ladies also select narrow sunglasses for women because these accessories help them to express their unique character and sexuality. Playful and interesting, narrow frames are the best choice for young and energized women who like eye-catching elements in their wardrobes. Narrow shades can be easily paired with any outfit, from a simple jeans skirt with a crop top to an extravagant evening dress. If you want to make a fashion statement, select sunnies with impressive and sophisticated embellishments like gems, sparkling crystals, metal details, and other extravagant accents to emphasize your individuality and femininity. Crafted for interesting and attractive wearers, narrow sunglasses are a great choice if you want to impress others with a cool and flirty look. Apart from a stylish appearance, this accessory will deliver excellent functionality, protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. This is a great chance to get a super-cool pair of sunglasses for incredible appearance and ultimate comfort every time when you are going somewhere.

Modern manufacturers use only high-quality and durable materials to make top-rated narrow sunglasses for stylish men and women. Frames are crafted from superior acetate, plastic, nylon, and metal of excellent quality to provide wonderful comfort even for everyday wearing. Ultra-lightweight and fully-functional, these frames are the best selection for those wearers who look for a versatile accessory to complete their exclusive looks. As an official dealer, we sell only 100% authentic and durable narrow sunglasses from world-recognized brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Valentino, and many others. Choose an elegant and shiny model from metal or add a touch of boldness to your look with an acetate colorful spectacle designed by the most skilled eyewear masters. Discover a great assortment of attractive colors to make a match to your fashionable outfit! Whether you prefer bright and juicy or nude and pastel tones, our eyewear store has you fully covered! Impressive and beautiful narrow frames can be selected with lenses of various colors to create an attractive look.

We understand how it is important for contemporary and young men and women to look stylish, and that's why we offer incredibly trendy and eye-catching narrow sunglasses from sturdy materials that will be a perfect element of any impressive wardrobe. Do not forget to pay attention to the glasses size when you are ordering a new frame because you can feel discomfort wearing a pair of the wrong size. To make sure you are getting the right spectacle, check out your size on your old pair of shades – usually, manufacturers mark it on the inner side of a temple. Of course, if you don't know your size, it's not a big problem because you can do some simple measurements to define it successfully. Upgrade your look with a pair of trendy narrow sunglasses that will deliver a perfect fit and wonderful comfort. It's possible to create many fashionable looks using these trendy frames, and bright sunlight will not be a problem for you anymore!