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ESS Glasses and Eyewear

ESS™ - Crossbow EE9007

$46.99 - $61.47

The American company Eye Safety Systems was founded in 1998. It started out as a subsidiary of the Oakley brand, whose glasses are renowned worldwide for their superior quality and great looks. For over twenty years, ESS has not changed its priorities, paying attention to the quality of its products down to the smallest detail. The company produces sunglasses with the characteristics of protective tactical goggles. Externally, the collections of tactical glasses do not differ from ordinary ones and can be used in everyday life. 

They are great for outdoor enthusiasts due to their durability and resistance to mechanical damage - they are really difficult to break. Very often people confuse or identify such concepts as tactical and ballistic safety glasses. Ballistic goggles are open-type goggles that undergo various crash tests to assign a particular safety standard. Such glasses have a much narrower specialization, and are intended for use mainly by military and security forces in real combat conditions, during training, military exercises and tactical operations. Ballistic sunglasses are suitable for everyday wearing.

Tactical goggles are a mask or closed-type goggles with ballistic safety standards. Such glasses are not used in everyday wear, but are worn right before a tactical operation. They fit snugly to the face due to the soft lining and elastic at the back of the head or attached over the helmet. ESS produces all these types of glasses and this is the only authorized eyewear provider to the United States Marine Corps. The brand's glasses protect eyes from bright glare, mechanical stress and road dust, from flying small stones from under the wheels and from rain - some models have recesses under the lenses for water drainage. The sunglasses help to provide clear visibility and protect the eyes, both during combat operations and during intense sports, as well as when riding military equipment, on a motorcycle or bicycle.

ESS models feature comfortable, adjustable temples for comfortable all-day wear. The lenses are coated with a special Anti-Fog compound, which prevents fogging. Some models from collections contain interchangeable lenses made of shatterproof and splinter-free material. Lenses have the ability to break without splinters, crumbling like car glass, thus not hurting the eyes. They can be both transparent and tinted, as well as equipped with a polarizing coating. Ballistic models of the brand meet all production standards for this segment. Thanks to the great design ESS glasses can be used when going fishing or hunting, when playing sports or for any other everyday activity.