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Dita Glasses and Eyewear

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There are bizarre reasons why some companies get their names. Oakley, for example, was named after the founder's dog. Obviously, the guy did not plan international fame for his workshop, so he took the first name that came to mind. Eyewear brand Dita has a very different story. It was not named by chance, to fill in the column in the tax roll. Dita Von Teese was the queen of burlesque. It was she who inspired John Juniper to create an outrageous brand in honor of the outrageous celebrity. However, the mission of the future enterprise was to create the most beautiful and high-quality eye accessories. Beauty, as you know, is individual, and some fashionistas prefer very outrageous styles of eyewear. Dita has such ones in its portfolio.

Dita creates innovative and thoughtful glasses with unique designs. Although the company's office is located in Los Angeles, it can rightly be called international. The founders of the brand, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, had respect for the refined luxury of the East since childhood, so they decided that Japanese craftsmen would make their products. The glasses are handmade using first-class materials – titanium, 18k gold, white gold, and Zilonite. The last one is the best plastic for eyeglass frames today. Each pair of eyewear passes two checks – in Japan and in Los Angeles. In this way, impeccable quality is achieved. The products of the famous American brand are appreciated by connoisseurs of absolute comfort around the world.


Dita accessories are shipped today from Los Angeles or through reputable online marketplaces such as the EyeOns online store. The company offers a wide variety of models for women and men, as well as unisex options in a range of shapes, shades, and sizes, for every taste and whim. The brand's designers are inspired by the retro style of the sixties and eighties, with its clear lines and impeccable taste. They successfully combine the elegant classics of the West and the exotic sophistication of the East, creating exclusive accessories for people who prefer absolute comfort and a non-trivial approach to every detail of their image. If beauty is individual, everyone should find the perfect eyewear for themselves. Dita gives such an opportunity.

Exclusive brands do not make noisy advertising campaigns. There is no need for mass sales of goods that are made by hand from expensive and high-quality materials. Dita glasses are advertised by successful people, including Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Diddy, Joel McHale, Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and others. Even the brand logo is hidden inside the temple so that the discerning connoisseur evaluates not the label, but the design and build quality. This is an honest approach to the customer, which is commendable as the number of adherents of the exclusive manufacturer from Los Angeles is steadily growing. Dita accessories are quite expensive, but the investment in them pays off. An exclusive pair of glasses is purchased for many years of comfortable wearing.


The stylish and exclusive pair of Dita glasses can be a great gift for a family member, colleague, or loved one. The accessories of this brand are designed for comfortable wear while driving, shopping, sunbathing, morning jogging, fitness training, golfing, and meeting friends. Dita sunglasses are chosen by successful people who understand the importance of absolute comfort and impeccable style to achieve their goals. Public figures will appreciate titanium frames, which are appropriate during negotiations with business partners, political debates, and speeches in Congress. The brand accessory made of gold without further ado will emphasize the social and financial status of the wearer in any situation.

About Dita

But even celebrities want to take a break from noisy fame and public life. The elegant and practical pair of Dita goggles made of soft and lightweight plastic is ideal for everyday wear at the beach, exhibitions, and travel. The lenses are made using a special technology that protects them from scratches and abrasions. In addition, premium sunglasses from the famous US manufacturer are equipped with reliable UV filters and anti-reflective coatings. Champions prefer Dita because it is reliable, safe, and convenient. The brand offers many original designs, including vintage Cat-Eyes with wide temples, and extravagant and classic frames made by experienced Japanese craftsmen. A modern person can look perfect and feel safe if they buy stylish and comfortable accessories from the world's best manufacturers.


John Juniper and Jeff Solorio founded their own company in 1995 in Los Angeles. Talented and ambitious people are not uncommon in this world's largest cultural, scientific, economic, and educational center. As mentioned above, Dita Von Teese became the inspiration and promoter of the young eyewear brand. She personally took part in information campaigns dedicated to new collections. However, Hollywood stars, well-known politicians, and businessmen can provide the best advertising company – free of charge. Successful people attract the curiosity of the public, and every little thing is worthy of their attention. A frame or pair of sunglasses is a big deal, as it can mask or greatly alter the look of the wearer.

History of Dita

Dita eyewear collections have received many prestigious awards and prizes. For example, in September 2013, Dita Eyewear received the respected Paris SILMO d’Or award in the optical industry, in the Mondial de l’Optique category. However, the awards only confirm but do not increase, the popularity of frames and sunglasses of this brand among people with sophisticated tastes. Successful ladies and gentlemen choose an impeccable style and absolute comfort, which helps them achieve their goals. Dita has occupied a stable niche in the market of exclusive goods for modern aristocrats. These people value not only luxury but also durability and wear comfort, in accessories that are eco-friendly and safe for health.