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l.a.Eyeworks Glasses and Eyewear

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It began with a modest storefront opened by Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in September 1979. Another weirdo is trying to change the world, passers-by may have thought. However, fortune favors stubborn people, so the new venture has grown and evolved, challenging the prevailing norms of eyewear design. l.a.Eyeworks was founded by fragile, but very creative and resilient ladies. They didn't change the world, but they made it a better place. Los Angeles is a capricious city, but it loves its heroes. The founders of the brand were not random people. They are trained as opticians in reputable companies, gaining invaluable work experience, and enriching themselves with observations and comparisons.

Uncensored visions – this is the slogan of the American brand l.a. Eyeworks. It looks controversial and daring, like the eyeglasses they offer. But that hasn't stopped Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, who continue to create iconoclastic and always invigorating eyewear for discerning Californians. Today, the brand's accessories are instantly recognizable in many US cities and beyond, due to their bold designs, expressive colors, and an optimal combination of quality and eco-friendly materials. l.a. Eyeworks carefully selects the materials for its beautiful collections. They are durable and reliable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as safe for the skin of the face and eyes. This is also an important condition for uncensored vision.

l.a.Eyeworks Eyewear

Women's intuition helps bring together the right material, color pattern, and hand-finished crafting to create the perfect harmony of eyeglass frames. This approach is reminiscent of an experienced chef who conjures over the stove, adding ingredients to taste. The result is a delicious dish, or rather, a frame that strikes simultaneously with beauty, comfort, and practicality. Something like this happens in the creative kitchen of the lady designers. Moving from deep intuition, McReynolds and Gherardi begin each of their limited-edition models with a hand-drawn design, the first step on a path of meticulous production where the finest substances are shaped with time-tested technology and sensitive, skilled hands.

McReynolds and Gherardi are tireless in their desire to improve the created model, whether it is still on paper or already sold, sitting on the nose of some celebrity. Perfection is a horizon without borders, the lady designers believe, as well as a fine line on which one has to balance between optical traditions and the whims of modern fashion. It's this creative anxiety that helps the legendary Los Angeles-based brand break through barriers and create stylish celebrity accessories. Although l.a.Eyeworks have graced the faces of businessmen, champions, and other respectable people worthy of emulation, designers passionately desire that each of their customers find a frame that matches their ideas of beauty and comfort.


See through walls is another l.a. Eyeworks motto. We are not talking about some magical properties of the brand's eyeglasses, although in terms of quality they are ready to compete with the products of the world's top manufacturers, say the lady designers. At the same time, they hint that some models are so intriguing that their wearers will look like wizards. The accessories gallery is awe-inspiring, with bizarre shapes and names. The Montserrat model, for example, is the dazzling brilliance of the acetate rims that surround the lenses in jagged relief. The titanium chassis gives incredible strength to the most elegant model, crafted with the whimsical inspiration of a poet. l.a. Eyeworks is poetry embodied in comfortable and elegant eyewear.

l.a.Eyeworks Sunglasses

There is no standard model in the eyeglasses gallery of the company. Each of them shocks and delights. The lady designers create only masterpieces, and they cannot fall below this level. What's this? Ambition or the desire to make the world less trivial? Echoes of other languages, eras, and civilizations are heard in the names of the models – Castanet, Minx, Pismo, Cola, Whelk, Quill, Whelk, Jupiter, Australopp, Catahoula, Gio, Lunch Box. It looks like one is browsing through a list of mythical creatures that have crept out of medieval chronicles or come up with the vibrant imagination of designers. But today, many people want to look unusual, and under any circumstances, so the number of l.a. Eyeworks fans are steadily growing.


McReynolds and Gerardi grew up in the seaside community of Huntington Beach, southern California, where they went to school, worked at iconic brand stores, and were trained by eminent opticians. They were inseparable all this time, no matter what the circumstances. Which of them came up with the idea of starting their own business to encourage people not only to look but to see? It is unlikely that lady designers will remember this today. l.a.Eyeworks biography can be marked up with amazing creations, each of which is worthy of a separate story. September 9, 1979, begins an exciting adventure that continues to this day. More than forty years have passed. The brand's portfolio includes more than a hundred original frames.

l.a.Eyeworks Frames

The modest showcase on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has grown into a reputable international label (with production facilities in Japan), and young designer girls have become respectable ladies. They still painstakingly work on sketches of glasses and carry out orders for famous people. If you live in Los Angeles, you can purchase the brand's accessories at one of two retail stores. All other fans of the inimitable style of l.a.Eyeworks, whose number continues to grow, order eyeglasses through a network of independent opticians and retailers. Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi's unwavering love of art leads them to organize exhibitions in their stores, which sometimes have very little connection with the company's core business.