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Wissing Glasses and Eyewear

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Founded in 1953, Wissing manufactures unique pieces made of cellulose acetate in any shape, color, and size. Each piece is unique. Committed to traditional handcraft, Wissing emphasizes uniqueness, special colors, and quality. Handmade from laminated acetate, Wissing frames can be customized to the client's exact specifications of style, size, and color to guarantee the perfect piece every time, without compromising on audacious design, comfort, and exclusivity. Wissing Eyewear brings out your most colorful sides with its chromatic collection of bold designer glasses. The German master craftsman at Wissing will create custom sunglasses to your specification. Just one. Just for you.

Wissing Eyewear ensures that you can choose beautiful colorful glasses made from the finest acetate. Glasses are sold all over the world by the best opticians. Optical items can be recognized by their cheerful appearance, besides, they are of excellent quality. Wissing Eyewear exudes individuality. Among other things, the use of multiple layers of high-quality color acetate allows designers to endlessly combine different color combinations and patterns. All products surprise eye wearers again and again with beautiful original frames. German craftsmanship, timeless design, and innovative technology combine in the brand's frames and sunglasses. The models consist of different color tones and are very suitable for different personalities.

Wissing Eyewear

In the various Wissing collections for men and women, you can count on the highest quality of design and materials, functionality as the basis of each design, maximum wearing comfort, and visual excellence. The style of the brand can be described as outrageous and eccentric. The company's limes evoke maximum emotions in a person who prefers an extravagant style in accessories. A variety of styles and models of Wissing will allow you to choose glasses for any age and type of face. The manufacturer offers many styles - from classic to avant-garde. The shapes of the glasses, as well as the color palette, are also very diverse. Modern design, elegance, and expressive shapes - this is what characterize all Wissing glasses.

The Wissing optical models also use exclusive materials and advanced technologies to position the glasses as modern and functional. Positive, originality, extravagance, and irony over ordinary everyday life are the main features of accessories from the German brand. All models are distinguished by bold and rebellious characters. Wissing collections are always distinguished by a wide range of models - the manufacturer does not drive the clients into fashionable restrictions, but offers to choose the model that best suits their appearance and character. The narrow focus of the brand guarantees attention to detail and the high quality of each product.  Along with traditional materials, the company actively uses high-tech polymers.


Wissing is one of the few brands from Germany that produces handmade accessories. Brand eyewear is made from multi-layered acetate, and striped colors with harmoniously matched shades and whimsical lines have become its hallmark. Consistently high German quality and reliability, fair prices, a variety of shapes and colors, creativity in the design of the temples, hypoallergenic materials, and the desire to give the client the best - all this make the Wissing Eyewear Collection memorable and in high demand. Bright, fresh, and juicy - customers around the world want to buy such frames just because they are very unusual. Add to this the quality and ergonomic design, and it becomes clear why they are so loved all over the world.

Wissing Sunglasses

The Wissing team proudly states, “we handcraft one-of-a-kind cellulose acetate products in every shape, color, and size. We don't see ourselves as a boring eyewear maker, but as an eyewear maker: we value uniqueness, special colors, and the best quality and are committed to the traditions of classic craftsmanship. Our frames are 100% handcrafted in Bensheim and can now be found in optical stores in around 30 countries. Thanks to the focus on handwork, we can produce the individual object of each customer's dream: each model in any color and size. This sets us apart from almost every other eyewear manufacturer in the world”. Wishing Eyewear is made to express individuality through patterns, bold colors, or simple frames with bright accents – all crafted with top-quality material for endurance and comfort.


Since 1953 Walter Wissing has been producing handcrafted high-quality eyewear made in Germany. All optics by Wissing frames are designed to express your individuality with bold colors and fun patterns. All frames are created with top-quality materials for endurance and comfort. Each frame is custom-made and spends nearly 4 months in production before it arrives in the stores. The beauty of Wissing’s handcrafted acetate frames is that every client can create his or her own style. The options include square, rectangle, round, and Wayfarer shapes in either thick and chunky or thin and classic acetate. The stunning multi-layered acetate in Wissing frames is unlike any other eyewear line. The hand-crafted nature of this line allows each owner to experience extraordinary eyewear.

Wissing Frames

What is Wissing eyewear? Impeccable style, elegance, and no savings on materials. Wissing sunglasses and frames are in keeping with the brand's overall character: innovative, creative, fashion-forward style sets trends, not follows them. In brand glasses, extravagant forms are combined with everyday practicality, the best materials and decorative elements make a quality product also very beautiful. The shapes and styles of models are quite diverse, and everyone can choose a product to their preferences. Today, all products produced under the brand's name retain the subtlety of work, and the elegance of finishing, characteristic of this eyewear brand. In Wissing frames and sunglasses, current fashion trends are subject to impeccable taste, which is expressed in the perfect combination of selected shapes, shades, and decor.