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McLaren Glasses and Eyewear

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McLaren is, first of all, a brand that specializes in the production of road tires for supercars. How did it happen that the well-known automobile company began to offer its customers high-quality and reliable accessories? They cannot improve the driving performance of vehicles, the comfort of the interior, or the aerodynamic properties of the car body. There are no contradictions or misunderstandings. The customer, their safety, and comfort, have been and remain the focus of McLaren. The fans of this English brand are racers who strive for victories. It is known that success in any business is based not only on strong will but also on maximum convenience in every detail of equipment and tools. Will a rider win without quality and comfortable goggles?

McLaren isn't the only car company that expanded its scope into stylish and useful eyewear. BMW started with aircraft engines and moved into superb vehicles, but now its portfolio also includes eyeglasses and sunglasses. How could the world-famous brand with billions of dollars in profit per year stoop to such trifles as eye accessories? Only client-centered ones can afford this. We are talking about the reputation of the brand, for which the human factor comes first. There are very few companies that specialize only in the production of eyewear. Most design new models of sportswear and shoes, like Adidas, Nike, or Puma, or create fashion trends, like Gucci, Hugo Boss, or Dolce & Gabbana. Sports car and gear manufacturers are rare in this community. McLaren is one of them.


McLaren knows well the problems of real athletes who have to overcome various obstacles on the way to victory. A fraction of a second taken by random sun glare can cost a career. Clear vision plays a huge role in sports, and not just in racing. Safety while driving any type of transport can cost not a career, but a life. McLaren designers are well aware of this, offering high-quality and comfortable eyewear for professional athletes and people who prefer an active lifestyle. Accessories of this English brand are suitable for everyday wear in any life situation and for official events. They are comfortable not only while driving at high speeds, but also during sunbathing, shopping, traveling, riding, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, field and laboratory research.

McLaren's portfolio includes a large selection of sporty and classic models. Poor eyesight is not a reason to slow down the pace of life, the brand's designers believe. Stylish and modern frames will perfectly fit into the business, training, and artistic image of the wearer of eyeglasses. They are made of durable and reliable materials that are absolutely safe for the eyes and facial skin. McLaren sunglasses provide unparalleled vision protection, especially in the hectic pace of life and sports. Many famous champions chose this brand, including Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton, and Jenson Button. Successful people have complete confidence in McLaren vehicles and accessories, regardless of profession, gender, or skin color.


McLaren is an ambitious company that develops its own innovative solutions. They are successfully applied in the production of amazing things and accessories, including stylish and modern eyewear. For its manufacturing, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials are used, that fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. NXT is the flexible, yet strong plastic for McLaren lens rims. Even if one steps on such a frame, it will not break. Eco-friendly carbon is mainly used for temples. Finally, titanium is the most respectable material, which is also involved in the production of stylish and elegant frames of this brand. Experienced people prefer McLaren because they are confident in the high standards that the manufacturer offers.

About McLaren

Elegant and comfortable, McLaren eyewear is a great gift for a family member, friend, or colleague. The famous English brand is a symbol of progress and innovation aimed at providing maximum comfort and impeccable style. Based on the best traditions of craftsmanship, the company is constantly developing them. It offers a wide variety of sports and classic models for every taste and whim. There are no limits to perfection. This is one of the basic principles of McLaren's activities since its inception. The products of this brand are in great demand far beyond the sports community, and this is no coincidence. Success in any business requires a professional approach, including everyday equipment. McLaren is the choice of professionals in sports, business, science, and fashion.


McLaren Automotive Limited brings together several technology companies. In 1963 a racing team was created by Bruce McLaren to compete in the Formula, and only 26 years later it transformed into the manufacturer that began to develop road cars. The path to world recognition was long and thorny. The first McLaren F1 car was released in 1992 when the founder of the brand was no longer alive. The company fruitfully cooperates with Mercedes-Benz, and this union has been more successful than the activities of these brands separately. McLaren sought to cover all the problems faced by racers. Naturally, the issue of good and safe visibility fell into the field of view of the designers. This is how stylish and practical branded sunglasses for competitions, training, and everyday life appeared.

History of McLaren

The ambition of the young English brand was fueled by a thirst for sporting success. An effective team of talented and creative designers was formed, who were well aware of the problems of big and small sports. They found time to make discoveries and inventions in various fields, including good vision and eye protection. Innovations from the world of big sports have been used in the production of stylish and modern eyewear. People for whom safety and comfort are paramount cannot ignore the famous racing brand. This manufacturer does not need promotions, because every motorsport competition is another advertisement for its impeccable quality and unsurpassed comfort. A true champion knows how to win and what to wear.